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Dr. Paonessa’s thorough investigation, personal care for patients, and willingness to step beyond average procedure has probably saved my life. When finding polyps 5years ago, Dr. Paonessa treated me as she would her own family. Because of her dedication, she spared me the fear and evasive procedures one might have had to experience when diagnosed with stage one colon cancer.

Tuckerton, NJ

After speaking with Dr. Paonessa, I realized she is a very competent and compassionate Doctor, who put me completely at ease. I’m happy to have found not only a fine physician but also a new friend!!

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

For 2 years I suffered from what I thought was hemorrhoids. After being referred to Dr. Paonessa, I was told I needed surgery for a prolapsed rectum. I was terrified, but Dr. Paonessa told me my options, made graphs and explained everything in words I could understand. Surgery was scheduled for a Tuesday. Dr. Paonessa was at my side everyday checking my condition. One week after surgery I was sent home and felt better than I did in a long time. She also kept my family informed of everything. Thank you so much Dr. Paonessa. My family thanks you also.

Toms River, NJ

Dr. Paonessa is a wonderful, caring person and am excellent surgeon. I was referred to her for colon surgery. She worked for 6 hours and checked on me numerous times on day of surgery and 1st post op day. She visited me every day in the hospital and checked my colon every 6 months and then yearly.

Manahawkin, NJ

As an RN of 60yrs. I have never seen a more caring or proficient surgeon.

Manahawkin, NJ

Dr. Paonessa is a very warm, compassionate and caring doctor. She helped me through my pre-exam anxiety. She threated my problems and walked me through treatments by following her instructions. I am no longer in pain and consider myself cured. I would not think of going to any other doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Paonessa.

Barnegat, NJ

Thank you Dr. Paonessa, now I can regain my confidence leaving my house. Thank you again.

Manahawkin, NJ

Dr. Nina Paonessa is simply the best of the best! She is very skilled and knowledgeable with the added measures of compassion and kindness. We are people, not just body parts and she truly cares. I am a retired RN and I am so grateful for the wonderful care and help she has given to me as her patient.

Jackson, NJ

I had been a patient of Dr. Nina Paonessa for 2 years and during that time I had nothing but positive experience. She listened to all my concerns and made sure I was very comfortable and understood all my treatment options. When eventually I had to go through sphincterotomy, I knew I was in good hands. Now I am back to normal. No more pain! Thanks to Dr. Nina Paonessa. She really cares about her patients and at the same time, she is a very professional and knowledgeable doctor who I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Manahawkin, NJ

Dr. Nina is great. She is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, but most of all compassionate. She really listens and never rushes. She explains everything she does or is going to do. I feel very good in her care. I continue to go to her and highly recommend her.

Lakewood, NJ

I was praying for a miracle, then Dr. Paonessa came along. In 2010 she saved my life. I was truly blessed to have someone impact my life. She is a gift to the medical profession. The #1 doctor in my book.

L.B. Township, NJ

I would highly recommend Dr. Nina Paonessa because she is not only a great doctor/surgeon, but also a person who has considerable patience. Since I had to have surgery her kind words of encouragement during and after will not be forgotten. Not only did I have a great doctor, but I made a new friend.

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

About 4yrs ago Dr. Paonessa was my Dr. /Surgeon for a colon resection. I was never so afraid in my whole life. If she had not performed the same surgery on my wife 3 months prior I probably would have just not done it and taken my chances. I was so comfortable with her that I had my surgery and all went well. I told my wife that even if I had to get on an airplane I would never see any other Doctor. I mean it. Thanks for everything, see you soon!

West Creek, NJ

Dr. Paonessa is the most caring, patient, detailed and skilled doctor I have ever been treated by and I have seen many doctors. I’m 54 and approximately 4yrs ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. She did the surgery. I knew everything that was going to happen to me ahead of time. Until I met her I was so scared. Her practice has moved from where I met her 5 minutes from my house to about an hour away but that won’t stop me from remaining her patient. Thank you so much for what you did for me and my husband (also a patient). See you soon.

West Creek, NJ

Dr. Paonessa has been my doctor for a number of years. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable, caring and very accommodating to my needs. She provides exceptional bedside manner and she is easily accessible when I need her. I highly recommend her as a physician.

Mayetta, NJ

I have been seen by Dr. Paonessa for the past few years. I find her to be a caring, thorough and conscientious physician. I would recommend her as a physician.

Beach Haven, NJ


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Dr. Paonessa is what all Doctors should be. She is a great person, not only in the treatment of her patients. She is warm, understanding and her follow up after surgery is excellent. I would send anyone to her that might have needs of her service.

Barnegat, NJ


I had suffered from hemorrhoids for years after the birth of my children. The excruciating pain at times affected my quality of life. The pain was so severe it would bring me to tears and unable to function. I had gone to numerous doctors who prescribed different medications but never felt that they cared in helping me.

Then one day I read a wonderful article about Dr. Nina Paonessa in the Ocean County Woman Magazine.

My very first appointment, I could tell that she was a compassionate and gentle doctor. I immediately bonded with her. She took the time to listen and discussed my problems and offered different suggestions to help me. She did a simple procedure and within days I was feeling so much better. I had finally gotten relief!! I need to see her two more times and can’t even express how much she has helped me. I call her my life saver!! She is very humble and said, “That’s what I am here for.” But no other doctor had the compassion and the caring she has.

Dr. Paonessa is an exceptional colon rectal surgeon. If you want a doctor who you can trust, who listens, who truly cares, who can help you, then she is the one for you!

Toms River, NJ


From my very first visit to Dr. Paonessa, I felt confident in her. She has it all: concern, bedside manner, and a rapport. I’ve never before felt for any other doctor. She performed a colon resection on me and let me tell you, I feel fantastic for going through that over 7 years ago. I would recommend her to anyone, even my daughter, whom is now a patient.

Waretown, NJ

I had been experiencing bleeding internal hemorrhoids for a couple of years, having gone through colonoscopies and told to reduce my fiber intake. Not satisfied about this remedy, I brought this matter to the attention of my primary doctor, who promptly recommended me to Dr. Paonessa.

Dr. Paonessa treated me trying to shrink the hemorrhoids, but told me I may need a hemorrhoidectomy since I had three large bleeding hemorrhoids. I elected to have the procedure done. Dr. Paonessa first performed a colonoscopy to ensure there were no other problems, then performed the recommended procedure. Since I was on a blood thinner for atrial fibrillation, Dr. Paonessa always demonstrated professionalism and a dedicated concern form my health. She performed both procedures with extreme knowledge and expert skill. The hemorrhoids and the bleeding are a thing of the past. I am free to eat all the fiber I want, and there are no restrictions, and there were never any adverse effects.

I am so grateful to Dr. Paonessa, she always made me feel very much at ease and very comfortable during my visits. This also reflects in her staff, Stacey is extremely helpful and considerate and has a very pleasant personality.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Paonessa, as I have done with my wife, who has been treated successfully, and to my daughter, as her condition requires treatment.

Thank you Dr. Paonessa!!

Barnegat, NJ

Dr. Paonessa is an extremely caring and professional physician. Her immediate priorities are the health and well-being of her patients. Dr. Paonessa ensures her patients are treated with dignity and she always makes them feel comfortable. She takes the time to explain her diagnoses, and answer any questions one may have.

Although her new office is 30 miles away, I will travel to see her when necessary.

I have and will definitely recommend Dr. Paonessa to anyone I know, family and friends.

Whiting, NJ

Caring, thorough, and sincere describes Dr. Nina Paonessa. I will highly recommend her. J

Toms River, NJ

Dr. Nina Paonessa is caring and attentive, in addition to being an excellent Doctor. She is professional, dignified and has a reserved manner. She listens to your needs and calms your concerns.

Manahawkin, NJ


I feel Dr. Nina Paonessa saved my life when performing very complicated surgery for a perforated colon and her subsequent care and compassion was beyond reproach.

Ship Bottom, NJ


Dr. Paonessa has been treating me about 5 years. Her treatment has always been excellent. Her caring nature and concern for me and my condition has always made me feel that even if I were her mother. I could not have received better care. I’m sure no one who visits her even feels like just a number in her office and gets the same attention and care as I.

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Dr. Paonessa is an excellent Doctor and Surgeon. The care she gave me during my illness and recovery was amazing. I was so frightened and she comforted me and assured me I would be alright. She is an angel. She was always a phone call away.

Forked River, NJ


The most caring, compassionate Doctor I’ve ever been to. She always spends enough time to explain everything. Anyone in need of her specialty should not consider going anywhere else. She has given me a new life after years of suffering.

Manalapan, NJ

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